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Toyota Prius Parts (2009-2015)

Now you can buy the Toyota Prius Parts from 2009-2015 online.

HTK Heaven is a company specialising in PCO (Private Car Hire) approved Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicles. 


As a professional supplier of Hybrids, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in this market.


HTK Heaven Ltd can help you/your company save the money for vehicles which have been involved in an accident. We can repair you car same day. We have all parts for Toyota Prius.  


As a specialised in hybrid  we are more interested in developing relationships and working together with.


As well as savings on your car parts needs we are able to offer the following services:


1)    Toyota Prius All Parts from 2009-2015 (New, Second Hand)

2)    Recovery and Storage

3)    Small Accidents - Repairs while you wait


We have a wide range of well-maintained and serviced fleet of Toyota Prius Hybrids and therefore can take away the worry out of car hire and if you are looking at options and would like to work with a professional and friendly car hire company.

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We have an excellent customer service!

We have friendly and helpful staff willing to help with any enquiries you may have. We can also get you a great insurance quote with our partner insurance companies

We Sell High Quality Hybrid Cars.
All Vehicles are fresh import from japan

When you buy any hybrid vehicle from us,We give one year guarantee on our vehicle. Even when your guarantee is finish we will always look after your car. 

Our Services

Toyota Prius – Uber APPROVED, ready for Interview for RENT/HIRE 


Toyota Prius - PCO registered for 
• Uber taxi services 
• Private Minicab services. 


Toyota Prius For Hire

Terms and conditions apply

Car Details

In excellent, freshly serviced condition.
MOT, Road Tax covered.
Unlimited Mileage, Fully serviced, 24 Hour break down.



Cars are available WITH/WITHOUT insurance (your choice).
Your insurance can be done through US, we have GREAT CONTACTS in the insurance business. WE can get you a BETTER QUOTE.

We can provide you fully comp insurance from our fleet insurance. This will include in your weekly rent. Terms and condition applies.


OUR PRICES START FROM £99/w without insurance and £169.00 with insurance for new drivers for first two weeks then £140.00 without insurance and £210.00 with insurance from third week for a Toyota Prius

Please phone us for price options
Free Phone: 0333 5777 066 


Required Documents

1) Driving License 
2) PCO license with paper part
3) Two Proof of address (no older than one month,utility bill or bank statement)

4) Proof Of ID (Passport, or any photo card other than DVLA)

5) National Insurance (NI) Number

What we Require and Your Contract

1) £500 deposit is required.(refundable)
2) Your weekly rent IN ADVANCE, each week, with or without insurance.
3) Insurance certificate upon renting out.

4) Vehicle Inspection every month

5) 12 weeks minimum contract (negotiable in SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES) 


Service is based on first come first serve.

Why HTK Heaven ?

Only certified motors
Free test drives
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