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PCO Rental Toyota Prius

Car Details

In excellent, freshly serviced condition.
MOT, Road Tax covered.
Unlimited Mileage, Fully serviced, 24 Hour break down.



Cars are available WITH/WITHOUT insurance (your choice).
Your insurance can be done through US, we have GREAT CONTACTS in the insurance business. WE can get you a BETTER QUOTE.

We can provide you fully comp insurance from our fleet insurance. This will include in your weekly rent. Terms and condition applies.


OUR PRICES START FROM £99/w without insurance and £169.00 with insurance for new drivers for first two weeks then £140.00 without insurance and £210.00 with insurance from third week for a Toyota Prius for the rest of the hire period

Please phone us for price options
Free Phone: 0333 5777 066 


Required Documents

1) Driving License 
2) PCO license with paper part
3) Two Proof of address (no older than one month,utility bill or bank statement)

4) Proof Of ID (Passport, or any photo card other than DVLA)

5) National Insurance (NI) Number

What we Require and Your Contract

1) £500 deposit is required.(refundable)
2) Your weekly rent IN ADVANCE, each week, with or without insurance.
3) Insurance certificate upon renting out.

4) Vehicle Inspection every month

5) 12 weeks minimum contract (negotiable in SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES) 

Please read terms and condition before you sign it and fill in details. 

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