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It is important for you to respect our terms as you accepted. 

In case of accident or any vehicle damage it is important you report to us immidiately or within 24 hours of an accident or vehicle damage faulty or non faulty. If you fail to inform us result increase in excess and in future no insurer will give you insurance. 


Vehicle Damage:

This is your duty to report us any damage of vehicle either faulty or non faulty. We will contact you for vehicle inspection in our office after reporting. Any damage on vehicle you have to pay us. We will immidiately give you another car so you can work, (if we will have any car available) untill your car has been repaired. If you want to make a payment for damage please contact us on 0333 5777 066 we will discuss it and at the end of form you can pay for your damage.


1. If you are involved in any accident, faulty or non-faulty, it is your duty that you have to inform us within 24 hours of an accident.

2. You are not authorised to make any claim against vehicle damage, as vehicle is owned by HTK Heaven Ltd.

3. You are  not authorised to repair the vehicle by any accident damage (faulty, non-faulty). Only Company can repair the vehicle.

4. HTK Heaven will make all claims against the vehicle damage to the insurance through our qualified solicitors.

5. Excess will be doubled if claim reported more than 24hrs after the incident

6. Additional Third Party excess of £500 on all claims not reported within 48hrs.

7. Additional Third Party excess of £1000 on all claims reported more than 7 days after the inciden

8. You have to report the police with in 14 days of incident, and if any serious injury or hit and run invlolve please report to police immidiately by calling 999.

9. Before reporting the incident please download the RTA form which you have to complete and give us back on vehicle inspection.

Report the accident to Police 
Please download the Driver's statement form at the end of reporting
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